In current days, a small business or a big business everyone is having a website. Yes!! websites became the initial entry level for any Business. Also, a website is the best marketing tool for a Business. As websites are started to use by all, an advancement many online website builders have been introduced.

Note-93% of purchase starts with a search engine result.

Websites have many advantages which are the reason for being very important for Businesses. It is less expensive, termed as the best advertising component, easy to reach, user-friendly,etc.,

Now, coming to the question” How to create a website?”. This question has 2 choices. One is can create websites by coding. The other one is can create websites through online website builders like,, etc….

But you may now confused, about using which choice. According to the scholar’s point of view, we summarize which is one is better and its advantages.

Advantages of using coding websites:

The first point to note is, a thing which is built from scratch is always a good one rather than create using templates or predefined methods. This opts for websites also, because coding helps you to build a more personalized website than website builders.

When you built using website builders, it may be cheap or even free at early stages, but once after hosting it is very expensive. It Costs in the name of monthly subscriptions. But creating sites using coding is entirely free of cost.

The templates produced by website builders look-alike where the users get easily bored. But when creating websites using coding it is easily customizable.

If you want a website with professionalism, then building websites using code is a perfect choice. Also, you can able to create a theme-oriented website using coding.

You might be heard “Imagination has no limits”  When you have a dream website, then start creating your websites using coding where all your imagination comes to reality which is not at all possible while creating using website builders. We know in these days, more than content, image or pictures, animations play a vital role, so using coding you create all types of animations in your stunning websites.

According to research, the world classic websites that stands first are created only using coding.

Why are website builders not advised to use?

Website builders are good when you are in need of a small, typical website. But it has a lot of restrictions and you cannot have full control over your website. Also, you cannot able to create a device-oriented or a responsive website.

Site builders are quick and may even easy to use, but they do not create websites that are very visually appealing or responsive to the user. Mainly the online website builders won’t care about the success of your Business.

The website that you create using online website builders is not more secure when compared with the websites that are created using coding. Moreover, the online website builders are occupied by only predefined elements which cannot be customized.

Now, you might understand why website builders are not advised to use. Start coding and unleash your dream website!!

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