The most widely used application in this mobile world is Whatsapp, now this application has launched a new enhanced application known as WhatsApp Business.

It works similar to the Whatsapp messenger, but it is a standard and separate version of Whatsapp. The main purpose of this Whatsapp Business is it connects Businesses and customers, unlike Whatsapp that connects friends and family.

Its logo has been similar to the WhatsApp but here the green bubble is occupied by the letter B instead of calling symbol.

Features of WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp business has similar features of Whatsapp messenger but also has several added new features like chat migration, Auto responses, the creation of a Business Profile, and Analytics.

The users can use both the Apps in a single mobile but with the different mobile number. It allows one account for one number. Also, Bussiness account allows adding landline number for registration.

There is also an option called Away, which makes application for auto-responses.This acts as ‘Away messages’ when customers send you messages outside the business hours.

Apart from the normal data, this new application will ask you extra details like the ‘Business Description’, ‘Website’, ‘Address’, and other things when you are creating the profile.

Another advantage is, for Businesses getting connect with their clients spend lots of money. But this application does that work at free of cost, isn’t it beneficial!!!

WhatsApp Business also has WhatsApp web, so you can manage your accounts online without the application. Like normal Whatsapp, this standard version also has encryption feature.

How to get Whatsapp Business?

  1. Install the Whatsapp Business application from Google play store.
  2. Give your Business phone number.
  3. Once your number is verified, tap on the menu button and
  4. Go to Settings> Business settings> Profile.
  5. Fill out your Business profile.
  6. You can now start connecting with people from your contact list.

In the near future, Whatsapp Business is going to be integrated with the WhatsApp’s latest version Whatsapp Payments feature. Now, the WhatsApp Business is in Testing phase for small enterprises, get ready to use WhatsApp Business and to get more involved with your clients or Business people.

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