Facebook collects data even when You’re not logged in!

In the current, the CEO of Facebook faces some of the issues revealed by their millions of users about the data insecurity. Mark Zuckerberg stands in the position to answer
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Vaiko’s nephew self-immolated for Cauvery

The sensational state issue has been roaming around our Tamil Nadu. Yes!! it’s about CMB (Cauvery Management Board) formation. As this April is started with the protests for this issue,
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CBI on BJP MLA Kuldeep regarding Unnao rape case!!

In the past year, an 18-year old woman has been raped by the four-time lawmaker(Kuldeep) and his brothers at Unnao. The CBI now booked the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar under
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The cool BJP MLA’s eats sandwiches during rapid protest!!!

During the party’s long-day-protest at the Pune Council hall which is held on Thursday, the lethargic cool MLA’s eating snacks. The attached video shows that the BJP’s MLA Bhimrao Tapkir and
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Vinayagar to Amman | Is this true?

We always get at least one surprising news everyday morning while turning Newspaper or while watching the news channel. Yes!! today’s surprising news is A Vinayagar statue has been turned
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IPL Ban by political parties

As everyone waited for the big celebration (Indian Premier League) on April 10, 2018, now the political parties in Tamil Nadu have requested to not to conduct IPL. At first, they have
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Even CSK practice session brought huge fans

This year April going, to begin with, all cricket fan’s happiness,  Yes!! the day (7th April 2018) where CSK (Chennai Super Kings) would kick-off Mumbai Indians on the ground. A
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All India Institute of Medical Sciences is now at Tanjavur

AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Sciences) branch location has finalized by Tamilnadu Government.Edappaadi K.Palaniswami suggested Sengipatti (about 20km southwest of Thanjavur) in a memorandum. He directly submitted to Prime minister
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Anna Hazare begins his non-violent resistance

After seven years, the social activist Anna Hazare is set to go on a hunger strike again. He had succeeded hunger strike in 2011 for demanding about the case of
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Thiru vi ka bridge under surveillance by chennai corporation

The Greater Chennai Corporation locking a small steel gate on Thiru Vi Kaa bridge. The river area enables miscreants to roam around because of an open gate. Some people take
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