Nowadays as contents are increasing, the plagiarism of those contents was also increasing. Plagiarism is the act of violating the journalistic ethics, before writing a content it is good to follow the rules and principles. When we present a content by stealing the thoughts of others, we lose our ideas and innovation, and also we are in the danger zone of the drop in our webpage’s ranking.

Why is plagiarism not entertained?

Yes, because plagiarism is not a good practice, it is like stealing and also it represents the data illiteracy. Having a copied content is unethical, illegal and against all codes of conduct. If you find your content is copied by others, complain immediately and remove the content.

How to remove the plagiarized content?

What If Your content is pirated? plagiarism


According to the law of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), Google removes the plagiarized content.  What is DMCA? The DMCA has made major changes in the US Copyright Act and also it strengthens the legal protection of intellectual property rights. This was introduced in the late of 1998 and became effective in 2000. More than half of the complaint in DMCA is about plagiarized content.



Why is it important to remove the plagiarized content?

When others copy your content and publish it on their website, then you will lose your website’s traffic and ranking. If you find your content has been copied, then report those pages to Google. As a response to your complaint, Google will remove those website pages from Google index. Later, you won’t find any duplicated content on your page. Avoid duplication of your content, and skyrocket your website in Google ranking.





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