rayapuram temple
We always get at least one surprising news everyday morning while turning Newspaper or while watching the news channel. Yes!! today’s surprising news is A Vinayagar statue has been turned into an Amman’s face in the Valampuri Vinayagar temple near royapuram.

This is a surprise to all of us. The Ganapathy temple has been for about 25 years and the vinayagar statue has never been changed once in a while. But, yesterday around 7.15 p.m. a flower vendor woman had found the change on the deity’s face.

After she said, the gurukal (priest of the temple) told he found this changes a few days back. Since he visits the temple daily for worship, he immediately noticed the change. The Vinayagar’s face is usually a different face from other God’s face. So the changes are clearly seen by everyone.

As yesterday being the Shankrayapuram templeatahara Chathurthi, the temple has more people than the usual days. So this spreads very fast. This news has now been viral in WhatsApp and in other social media. This brings more and more crowds to the temple. Everyone was now in the big confusion state, how a statue of a face can be changed?.

The police support was given in front of the temple in order to manage the huge crowd. Now, the temple authorities have planned to change the diety’s name to “OM SHAKTHI GANAPATHY” and also now they put saree to adorn the idol.

The changes might be due to the heat over a long time or may be due to the God’s power as people believes.


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