Vaiko's nephew self-immolation over cauvery issue
The sensational state issue has been roaming around our Tamil Nadu. Yes!! it’s about CMB (Cauvery Management Board) formation. As this April is started with the protests for this issue, many politicians, actors, media people and employees from other fields have given hands in the protest.

However, everyone raising their voice, yet the solution to this problem has not been found. The Central refused to form the management board.

Vaiko’s nephew self-immolation:

Now, as a shocking news, the MDMK’s leader Vaiko‘s nephew, Saravana Suresh has attempted suicide by setting himself on fire. The reason behind his attempt is Cauvery issue.

The police on the spot have reported that he was 90 percent burnt already before reaching the hospital. Then Suresh was admitted to Apollo hospital in Madurai. The Doctors reported that his situation is ” very critical”.

The MDMK leader Vaiko stated that even though Saravana Suresh was not holding any of the party posts, but he had been working for the party for several long years. Also, he said Suresh is a dedicated person he always raises his voice against all the social issue. Recently, Suresh had taken part in the march against the neutrino project in Theni, this was recalled by Vaiko.

This CMB issue makes all political parties and other organizational bodies to form a rally on the urgent basis. The protest was not just a one-day hunger, people raising their voices daily in a different way. A day earlier this month the ruling AIADMK party and the opposition party has called for the state-wide bandh regarding CMB issue.

Vaiko urged people not to do activities like self-immolation or attempting suicide for any issues. Because of his nephew’s self-immolation, where the entire family has broken down.

Not only Suresh, also a 25-year old vendor in Erode has died on Wednesday by setting himself on fire. The vendor also written on the walls that the reason for his self-immolation is Government’s inaction on Cauvery issue.

The protestors are increasing because our state and country problems are increased. Let raise our voice and not our lives against the issue.  At least now the Central Government should take serious action on CMB constitution.



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