If you are owning a website or a Business, then definitely tracking your website visitors is very important. Why is tracking important? The foremost thing for an Entrepreneur is to analyze ,track and find his target audience. Identifying target audience is not an easier job, to find them first we have to mark out the quality leads who show interest on our Business, thus Google Analytics helps us in tracking and converting those leads into a customer.

Who will track?

Tracking is becoming easier when Google Analytics is into the picture, which increases the effectiveness of your online presence. Google Analytics is a powerful statistics program, which helps you to understand, how the audience is engaged on your website. Also, it tracks and reports the entire details, about the visits on your website, which is in-turn extremely beneficial for your Business.

Why is Google analytics so special?

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by the legendary search engine, Google. Google Analytics will help you to get the most of your analytics information, which is used to enhance your website’s conversion and user experience.  Google Analytics is so special for following reasons,

  • Traffic – Gives you the sources of traffic to your website
  • Keywords – Provide you the most searched keywords of your website.
  • Page popularity- Provides you the most popular pages on your website, which are often visited by your customers.
  • Visitor segmentation- Gives you report on a number of new users and existing users, along with their details.
  • Bounce rate – Shows you the time spent by the new users, who just visit the site and leaves immediately without interactions.
  • Average session rate- This tells the average length of time, that a visitor spends in a session on your website.
  • Flow visualization- These graphics allow flow you to visualize the each and every step that visitors took to explore your site.
  • Custom reports- The report which you can design it on your own, according to your wish and interest with different dimensions and metrics.

How to get started with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the best way to convert your potential customers into devoted customers. If you haven’t had a Google Analytics account, no problem kick-start your tracking tool by signing in Google Analytics with your Gmail account. Start analyzing reports and unleash your hidden talents.





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