The search engines are also known for its money selling ad space to websites, businesses, and marketers. The goal of the search engine is to have the most relevant sites at the top of search results so that the searchers could highly be benefitted.

Uses of Search engines:

Search engines are the best platform where we can search the latest news stories from recently released press releases to news stories in national newspapers.

Search engines can also be used to search newsgroup postings, online and offline events.

Search engines also provide search access to databases of third parties like corporate reports, telephone listings, yellow pages, zip codes and numerous other information databases.

When we say Search engine, the giant search engine Google comes to our mind. But there are other search engines which play major roles in searching. Some of the top search engines are

Top 8 search engines other than Google:


Bing is the Microsoft’s product, which is also a most popular search engine. Bing’s video search feature gives better results than Goole’s search. Upon your every search, Microsoft rewards you points. Bing has fine image chops when compared to Google.


Yahoo is another popular search engine that has actually been around even longer than Google search engine. Yahoo helps users to get good results in all range of services like online shopping, entertainment sports, and Travel.

3.Ask: is one of the far search engines, it has a unique feature. That is unlike Google, it provides page rank not based on the popularity. But based on the experts’ results. Ask has something unique about it called “Smart answers”.


DuckDuckGo is a unique alternative to Google because it maintains “real privacy” without any web tracking of its users at any point of search. It provides top quality search results to the users. It has about 13,000,000 users.


Dogpile is one of the search engine, which is coming back with its growing index. It is always a better platform for a delightful presentation.


AOL is an internet search engine owned by American multinational mass media corporation. It provides the combined results of all sources even the web results from Google. It is one of the Top 10 Search Engines in India.

7. Info: aggregates results from the user’s indexed web and social media channels. According to user’s interest, it delivers “newsworthy, trending, and popular results before they hit the indexed web.”

8.Wolfram Alpha:

Wolfram Alpha comes up with results which are computational facts. It mainly curates its data, rather than caching the web pages. It is a search engine which provides all necessary and basic information of a particular search in a single spot.

Yes, the above are top search engines, which could be alternative to Google search engine. Each and every above top listed sites has its unique benefits. Vist its sites and Know it more.





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