This summer keep yourself cool!!!
Summer season is the dazzling season which has both advantages and disadvantages. Is it so? Yes!!! it makes people feel happy as it is the season for cool juicy fruits like watermelon, mangoes, grapes and sweet limes and the season for vacation. Also, it makes people owe because of its sunny high temperature, which irritates everyone and make to think about tips to handle summer heat.

Along, with the enjoyment of your vacation time, you must also take care of yourself from the violent sun’s exposure, which causes sunburns and other summer problems. As the month April starts, the sun is ready to show its power. So we must take prevention in order to keep yourself cool.

Prevention is better than cure

Tips to handle summer heat:

If you not going to take proper precautions, then really you going to suffer from heat illness.Everyone left with the question, How to handle summer heat? Don’t worry here are some tips to handle summer heat.

1. Keep hydrated:

We all know that water is an essential element in our lives and it is most effective for the body health. Mainly it plays a vital role in the summer season. Yes!! The foremost thing of all individual is to drink plenty of water regularly during the summer season, which helps them to stay cool. You must consume water for every 15 minutes in the summer days. This makes you drink a gallon of water in a day. Especially, water should be taken slowly and at short intervals when the weather is hot. It helps the internal organs to get adapted to the heat condition.

2. Shower twice:

Whatever things that make us touch the water with our skin cool us. In that perspective, taking a shower twice a day keeps you completely cool. It evaporates water, that stimulates sweating. Taking cold water bath stabilizes the body temperature, which is the necessity during the summer season. Taking a bath or having a shower can help detoxify the body and keep your hair and skin healthy.

3. Food habits:

In the summer season, our metabolic system needs heat to broke down our food. So taking small portions of the meal is advisory, instead of larger portions of the meal. You can take cool drinks that are made of fresh fruits which makes you stay cool throughout the day and also keeps you physically healthy. Also, there are other health tips to keep you cool.

4. Avoid Sunny heat:

When the sun directly touches your skin, you would suffer from multiple heat illness. To eschew this scenario, having an outing in the hot sun should be reduced. But unfortunately, the summer season is our vacation period, we can’t avoid it. But the touch of the sun can be avoided, step down in shade instead of a hot sunny side. Also, make a habit of using natural sunscreens like coconut oil, before stepping out. When you are at home, close curtains during the daytime even, which avoids vigorous heat entering the house.

 5. Clothing:

Our clothing habits can increase or minimize sweating. Cloth materials like synthetic trap heat due to their tight weave, so using the cloth that is made with natural fibers, like cotton, linen, hemp, silk or wool are advisable. Mainly wearing casuals that are Looser fitting clothing allows for better circulation, which helps in keeping your body temperature down.

The above are some of the natural precautions that will help you to stay cool in the Summer season. Enjoy the hot summer with the cool mind.

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