The Greater Chennai Corporation locking a small steel gate on Thiru Vi Kaa bridge. The river area enables miscreants to roam around because of an open gate. Some people take advantage to dispose of trash along the river bund.

Also, the new bridge, which runs extend to the old bridge, has been made off-limits for motorists. To prevent trespassing, both sides of the old bridge are closed with brick walls and also installed a steel gate by Corporation officials.


The gates will be opened only for VIP. However, we can access one end of the old bridge through the gate on the new bridge.

“Many motorists and walkers use the stretch as a public convenience, gaining entry to the river bund through the gate. Moreover, people engage in a risky manner by climbing on to the staircase of an old bridge.” said by S.Vishnuvardhan, a resident of Adayar.

The new bridge has toilets only at one end, that is near Theosophical Society of India. It is mainly for shopkeepers. But people who come from R.A.Puram side has no toilet facilities.

These arrangements are aimed at preventing miscreants from entering the waterbody said by corporation officials.

The official added, “prevents strangers from loitering near the Women’s College and a bus stop nearby the new bridge where most of the students board buses from the women’s college”.

Finally corporation official says “Steps will be taken to lock the gate permanently,”.Hope As Soon As Possible it will happen.


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