health tips
The following health tips may weird, but actually, its improve your health and also save your life too.

Health tips:

These unknown facts really help you in improving your health

Brushing teeth after dinner is good or bad?

Brushing teeth immediately after your dinner is definitely a bad habit.  Our dinner might contain lots of acid contained foods, at that time if you brush immediately then the acid attack to the tooth enamel and the layer underneath.
To avoid this, after dinner brush at least with the minimal break of 30 minutes.

Will hot drinks make you cool?

In daytime having a hot coffee or tea will make you cool. It sounds crazy right. But it is a fact when sweats we lose our body heat storage so having tea/coffee will maintain your body heat and cools up.

Will exercise boost your energy?

When you tired there are many ways to boost you up. But if you exercise when you are tired definitely you will feel good.
When you start the exercise you can recharge your tired cells by giving them more oxygen.more over exercise improve your physical strength.

Taking more calories will reduce weight?

Planning to be in diet? Yes!! you can maintain diet even by adding protein and fat foods like peanut butter and cheese in your food habit.

These things will increase the calories count of your meal, but in the long run, the ketones that are produced will use the fat content of your body as the energy source. This type of reverse diet is commonly known as the Ketogenic diet.

The above are some of the unknown facts which are surprising but are actually true. Try them and lead a healthy life.






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