This march begins with the 12th Board exams. More than a winter season march is known for the Exam season. No matters a topper student or an average student, the 12th-grade board examination phase is usually a serious and tense for all young hearts along with their parents and teachers. Obtaining higher grades in the exam requires a considerate amount of hard and smart work.

My exams are near, what shall I do?

Stop panicking as your exam is started, workout it. Don’t be nervous, regarding the enormous syllabus. As you have learned it many times, it is easy for you to break the overall syllabus into smaller sections and sub-sections and then start revising.

What are parents supposed to do?

It is always important to give confidence to students during exam time. As a parent, it’s your duty to keep your child in a relaxed mode, that is should help them to overcome their stress which usually occurs during their exam period. The first and foremost duty of all parents is to feed your child with healthy foods and avoid giving them junk foods that are richer in fat content, more than a meal it is advised to give them fruits and nuts. Help children to stay from the things that distract them easily, the continual manner of studying is like a hot potato for your children so, ensure that your child is taking regular intervals between their study times.

Do you know?

Caffeine will keep you up and feel brisk but, it reduces the clarity of your thinking capacity.

Tips to be followed:

Now coming to exam point of view, what are the 5 important tips for students while writing the exam?

  1. Must utilize the time given for reading question paper.
  2. Time allotment is important while writing the exam.
  3. Should follow the tricks while answering long question and answers
  4. Reading the question properly and noting the correct data is very important
  5. Presentation judges the paper, make sure you present your paper neatly.

The readers of this content may be anyone, but you can convey these exam tips to any of the children who are appearing 12th board exam. These tips will also be a way to succeed their exams.

“Best of luck children, We’re sure your performance will be great.”

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