SERP | How does it related with website's SEO
Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is generally the first page of any search results. They are the web pages which are served to users when they search anything in online using a search engine, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..

The legendary search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., will rank every website depends on that website quality and SEO (search engine optimization) promotions.

Usually, we receive Search results in 2 ways, one is Organic results and the other is Paid results. The results are usually ranked by relevance to the user query.

Organic SERP results show the pages that have high ranking according to Google’s ranking algorithm. The algorithm lists based upon factors such as the webpage’s content, the quality of the website, and other factors like backlinkssocial media, news, advertising, etc.

Paid results or sponsored results are the pages that have been paid to be displayed by an advertiser.

There is also a concept called, SERP Stacking. It is the advanced Internet marketing tactic which helps in significant increase of organic ranking visibility.

SERP features:

The following are the most important SERP features also named as the main component of SERP. They are

  • Adwords,
  • Featured snippet,
  • Image pack,
  • In-DEpth article,
  • Knowledge card,
  • Knowledge panel,
  • Local pack,
  • Local teaser pack,
  • News Box,
  • Related questions,
  • Reviews,
  • Shopping results,
  • Sitelinks, and
  • Tweet.

SEO elements that help your site ranks:

1. HTML Sitemaps:

Using this, it is essential to make a user-friendly presentation. It is used to navigate a website easily and also this completely outlines the structure of a website.

This helps to crawl the website in more effective manner. Unlike, XML sitemaps this is written for Humans. Yes!! it is humanly understandable. It is advised to put HTML sitemaps in the footer or main navigation menu.

2. A Speedy site:

As Google loves speed and it ranks based on the website’s speed factor, it is important to make your site faster. It can be done by cleaning up your code.

In this online world, people need everything with just a swipe. So the speed of loading web pages must be like turning a page in the book for good ranking.

3. Mobile-friendly site:

We all know that we are in the mobile-dominating world, so it is always advisable to create a mobile-friendly website. Having a website optimized for mobile is essential to achieve the good rankings.


There are some tools that help to succeedGoogle SERP features. The tools like STAT, SEMrush, Moz Pro’s SERP feature tracking tool, Schema markup WordPress plugins, Schema-friendly WordPress themes, and Data Highlighter.

If you own a website, then knowing about SERP is definitely an important thing. Hurry Up!!

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