natarajan passed away
Today (20-03-2018) in the wee hours Sasikala’s husband, Natarajan Muthappa aged 74 has passed away. He is a good Businessman, also played a role of government public officer in his early age.

Natarajan’s death:

M Natarajan was admitted to Gleneagles Global Health City hospital last week due to chest pain. He was on the continuous ventilator support because of his critical condition.

Natarajan was not in the good health condition from the past year. He underwent a transplant in April 2017 and also underwent a life-saving double organ transplant in October 2017.

He has worked hard for his quite goal of becoming the Power center, the man who introduced Sasikala, to the former CM, J.Jayalalitha.

V.K.Sasikala is not a normal woman, she was the close aide of former CM, J.Jayalalitha who is currently lodged in the central prison in Bengaluru.

She has applied for 15-day parole to attend the last rites of his husband, Mr. Natarajan.

Sasikala dropped her husband’s name last year and added the prefix VK to revert to her maiden name, soon after she was appointed the general secretary of the AIADMK.

The asleep body will be kept at his Besant Nagar house in Chennai till 11 am. After that, it will be taken to his native place in Thanjavur district for final rites.


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