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One common habit among us is, we blindly trust Ancestors words. These habits are widely followed by our Indians, yes! today the superstitious beliefs what we follow blindly is most probably what we learned from our parent or grannies.

Come on !! Are you trying to say people who follow these habits are fools? No, definitely not, what’s our call is, instead of following them blindly why can’t you spend some time in understanding what is the actual reasons behind these mystery beliefs?

Have you seen people who are scared of Black cats crossing their paths?? Yess!!Black cats are believed to be a bad omen; it is a superstition which is widely believed in India. Actually, this particular myth originated from the European countries. Similarly, we blindly follow all the beliefs without even knowing the actual facts.

Now Let us discuss top  8 Indian Myths and the reason behind them

Why people use lemon and chili to protect from “Buri Nazar”?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

Lemon and Chilli are both rich in different nutrients which help your body in protecting from diseases.

Why are girls not allowed to enter kitchen or temple during periods?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

This actually to give them a rest, as they feel discomfort during periods. Also, there were no sanitary napkins in the past when these rules were made.

Why shouldn’t you sweep the floor at night?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

Our generation says it calls for bad luck which is somehow correct as sweeping at night under dark light can sweep some important stuff too.

Why shouldn’t you cook during a dead day in the family?

This habit was followed to give the family a rest, as death makes people sad. In such conditions, a person never wants to do such things

Why are you not supposed to do haircuts on Tuesday?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted



The two actual reasons behind this are according to astrologers haircuts on Tuesday will reduce the lifespan of an individual. The other reason is as the Tuesday is the day of mars, haircuts on Tuesday will result in blood diseases.


Why shouldn’t you move out on solar eclipse?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

The reason is that view of the solar eclipse with your naked eye will definitely damage your eyesight.

Why shouldn’t you cut your nails at night?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

In the earlier period, there was no electricity so while cutting nails at the dark we might hurt us, in order to avoid that our ancestors told us not to cut nails at night.

Why should you take a bath after a funeral?

Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth's Busted

People call it as bad things might happen if we do not do this but the actual reason is to avoid the unnecessary infections that we might get due to the contact with the dead body.

The above all is followed by us, due to spiritual reasons. But each and everything said by our ancestors have some real scientific reasons for it.





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