Marketing Automation refers software which is designed for doing marketing actions. It helps marketers to complete their work in an easier way.

This allows the companies to streamline, schedule and automate the marketing tasks which would highly benefit them by increasing their revenue incredibly.

Apart from these, it also allows Businesses to place their Ads. It creates retargeting Ads effectively and also has many numbers of automation software tool.

Software automation tools like Kit, MailChimpPush owl used in creating and managing Ads for your Business.

The marketing automation tools when linked with CRM, it highly ensures how marketing is influencing our Business.

This method sends right information at right time without human assistance.

The automation tools automatically add social media posts to your page, so you need not worry about uploading posts.

How does marketing automation work?

We all know, Marketing automation is primarily about optimization in this Digital marketing world. It highly benefits not only the big enterprises like B2B companies, also it increasingly brings gain to B2C companies like Healthcare, Media, and Entertainment etc.

The key-benefits of employing Marketing Automation are giving you the better ROI, reduces the staffing costs, and also widely improves the accountability of marketing and sales.

Marketing automation is primarily used to capture leads, which helps Businesses to effectively reach their goal. It also targets your potential customers across multiple channels.

We all know that “Time is precious” but for more than common people, Time is very much important for marketers to succeed. Yes!! this automation strategy also helps in saving time and managing social media campaigns.

The best marketing automation tools are MarketoEloqua,, Hubspot, and Userfox.

Is Marketing Automation is good or bad?

Always, it’s better to go with positives. Let us see the benefits of Marketing Automation. The following are the glorious benefits of using it.

  • It helps in increasing the revenue.
  • This helps in nurturing leads more easily.
  • It allows you to capture leads.
  • It also reduces the lead conversion time.
  • This saves marketer’s time and energy.
  • It makes pre-scheduling of social media posts.
  • This helps in both Online and Offline marketing.
  • This helps in tracking and monitoring of marketing campaigns.

Besides its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Some of the major drawbacks of using them are:

  • Provides low productivity due to process inefficiencies.
  • Poor decision-making capabilities.
  • High cost.
  • Misunderstanding customer needs.

Like a coin, Marketing automation also has its own pros and cons. This automation software will be great helping hand in for companies that completely rely on marketing for their growth  But choosing the best marketing automation software that fits your Business is more important.

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