The advancement in technologies paves way for the arrival of new social media and less usage of traditional media. One of the old media is E-mail, which was founded By Shiva Ayyadurai. E-mail has made human life easier in communicating sector. Is Email is an outdated method of communication? Definitely not, email is the origin place for all other network and communication medium. According to statistics, there are over 6.32 billion email accounts, it is increasing day-by-day. About 3.1 Billion legitimate emails are being sent each hour. The number of email users is still growing because the email has become one of the major parts of our society which is completely dependent on Digital media. Email is the most used communication medium in fields like Education, Business, and Healthcare etc. This technology enabled solution sits into all computing devices. This influences marketing people to gain their attention through email marketing services. Some of the best marketers in the city, state that email marketing is a major tool for increasing their ROI and an interaction with their customers.

E-mail marketing tools:

We all know that the basic usage of Email communication is capable of various attachments like an image, video, power-point presentation, word documents. But email is also known for its outstanding track of attention gaining. Today, marketers have come up with outstanding email marketing tools which are capable of sending more than 10,000 emails at a time. People could even track the click-through-rate, conversions, opening of mail through these tools. These mails act as a regular communication medium between the customer and seller.

Review Management:

One of the important tasks of an Entrepreneur is to identify the customer’s feedback. Why is it important? Selling a product is the major thing as well as knowing about the product’s response is important because it helps in increasing your Business’s growth. The product or service of a Business can be upgraded once you analyze the customer’s feedback.

E-mail marketing stands as a great helping hand in getting feedback from your customers. Apart from review management, we can also maintain a strong relationship with your customers through email. Sending seasonal greetings and wishes mail will create a great bond between customer and the marketer, which in turn helps in Business growth.

These electronic mail still plays a major role in today’s corporate world. Most of the highly secured documents or contents were been transfer through emails only. We SocialBrains, the experts in social media knows the value of e-mail marketing and the changes that can bring to your Business’s growth. For more details or expert consultation call 044-2618 2578/+91 72 99 74 84 10

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