Our Social media environment is well known for its communication and marketing skills. Yes, Social media platforms are the one which highly helps in promoting a product or a service. GPS location targeting is the buzzword in Marketing. The first and foremost important thing in Social Media Marketing is to get our Target audience.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

How to find your target audience?

After creating your killer product or service, it is important to know the type of users availing your product or service.  GPS location targeting | How do you target your local Audience Next step is to find their extra needs in your product. Also, involve in timely interaction with your potential customers. These things will help in gaining more customers.

Apart from these, the system helps in advertising your product or service to those people who are near to your localized area. Also, GPS location targeting is based on the people’s physical location.

The Ads for your product or service will purposely roll on the those user’s social media sites who are in search of your location. Consequently, these Ads will help us to reach our Target audience. There are 3 important terms in GPS location targeting. They are Geo-Targeting, Geo-Fencing, and Beacons. All these help marketers to gain their potential customers.

Ways to target your local audience:

The following concepts are used to enormously increase the potential customers using GPS location targeting.

Geo-Aware Ads

Ads Based on the exact real-time location of the users.


Here the Ads are posted to mobile users by setting a perimeter around a competitor’s location.


Here setting a perimeter around a physical location & serving mobile ads in that specific area.

Platforms that support GPS location targeting Ads:

Google Adwords is the best advertising platform for advertisers and marketers. This has the feature of posting Ads based on user’s physical location or user’s viewed site etc..

An alternative to this platform, Facebook also provides space for advertisers and marketers by the concept called Advert.

Nowadays, more than other Ads, people respond to mobile Ads by clicking that often. This favors advertisers/ marketers to get more customers/users. As a result, this slowly turns their local customers into their loyal customers.

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