While everyone is busy with their works, one of the leading networks Aircel has faced the mess due to the financial issues for past 1 month. Meanwhile, Aircel users started porting their numbers to another company. But on 21/02/2018(Wednesday) the sudden tower shutdown leads millions of people to suffer and migrate to other networks for the past 2 days.  Even people from the urban regions are unable to connect with network signals.

K  Sankara Narayanan, head of SBU (south) AIRCEL, assured to their reliable customers that, it was only a temporary issue which will be streamlined gradually. He also puts an end to the Rumour about the shutdown of their services, by announcing, AIRCEL has its next 15 years of TELCOM License. Finally, the TELCOM giant ended up by promising that, they will continue running on the track without any network interruption.

NOTE: Out of 89 million 15 million customers are in Tamil Nadu alone, 90% of the portability requests ended up in failing because it is impossible for the company to handle more than 1,00,000 portability requests in a month.



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