Does eating Mango gains weight?

As we all know Summer is the hottest season among all the 4 temperate seasons. As days-long and nights-short season, it is the perfect time for vacations, swimming, family outing,
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Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth’s Busted

One common habit among us is, we blindly trust Ancestors words. These habits are widely followed by our Indians, yes! today the superstitious beliefs what we follow blindly is most probably
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5 simple ways to battle Chennai’s heat

Currently, each and every person is suffering from hot temperature. Especially the people of Chennai is experiencing this hot temperature highly. We all know the term Global warming, which is
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6 annoying habits, you should stop doing in public

We have a lot of habits, some are Good and some are bad. But do you know, apart from these good and bad habits, there are some personal habits for
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This summer keep yourself cool!!!

Summer season is the dazzling season which has both advantages and disadvantages. Is it so? Yes!!! it makes people feel happy as it is the season for cool juicy fruits
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Tips to get rid of saggy skin

People always would like to be fit and healthy, as we are in the fast-food world, these things become the dream while our ancestors were naturally fit enough without going
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7 problems faced by glass wearers

Glasses, eyeglasses or spectacles(specs) are a helping hand for clear vision. Years before people who used to wear round and big spectacles were very few but nowadays it’s common. Today’s
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Home remedies for hair removal

Hair looks a little obnoxious anywhere except on the head. People seem to love long hair not but not on the body. A few of the cleanliness tips mothers teach
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7 Ways to prevent heat boils in your face

Generally, heat boil is a red, painful swelling on the skin. It is mainly caused due to infected hair follicles. It can appear anywhere on the skin but mostly appears
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5 ways to make your skin glow naturally

Generally girls and woman desire to have a perfect glowing skin. They wish because this skin glow means a lot to their overall appearance and personality. Nowadays, as usage of
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Health and Lifestyle

are the two eminent key factors of all Human Beings. Yes!! it is also the important part of our Social story’s site, has a separate category for Health and Lifestyle. We give you the health tips and health news which includes not only the health factors apart from that the natural beauty tips like skin glow, day-to-day beauty tips, hair fall, beauty tips for face, heat boils remedies, diet plans etc…

Nowadays more than the healthcare centers, healthcare websites are giving immense tips and enhance our Health. Using chemical products are now gradually decreased, people started moving to herbal products and home remedies. Our Social story provides you the useful tips on natural home remedies on a weekly or daily basis. We also give you the First aid methods for the complex problem like first aid for sudden cardiac arrest, stop of Bleeding in nose etc…

We just not cover the single parts like skin care tips, we provide tips for the entire human body.
Always tips are the form of motivation which helps to prevent harmful things and improve the needful things. Yes!! it also plays a vital role in our Health and Lifestyle, instead of taking pills and consulting doctors for minor problems, it is advised to make use of some preventional tips.

You can find all range of tips on our site, we provide beauty tips for both Men and women. Daily health tips will cover the basic body tips and also some useful lifestyle tips.In order to maintain good health, all we need to do is, should focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Like health, the way of living so-called Lifestyle is equally important for every individual. So we provide you tips on lifestyle, which helps individual to maintain the unique lifestyle. Our Social story site provides you more and more updates to lead a healthy life.