happy sparrow day
Each and every day is meant to celebrate something. What is Today’s special? Yes!! 20th March is the day for Sparrows named as “World Sparrow Day“.

But like other special days, this day is not to celebrate instead it is to create awareness about sparrows that too mainly about house sparrows.

It has been observed from late 2010, the decline of house sparrows are increasing. This awareness mainly envisions the threatens and existence of house sparrows.

What are the reasons behind decline:

The main issue is urbanization and loss of agricultural fields. The chicks of sparrows are very tiny and they feed on insects. But, the worst part is our nation’s insect populations itself is going down.

The reduction may be due to either because there are fewer plants which attract insects or the overuse of pesticides, which kills them.

The other issue is the lack of nesting and roosting sites. The birds are deprived of shelter, shadow, food, and water.

Also, Mobile towers and the electromagnetic waves generated from them aggravate the problem. Where the mobile towers inside the city are banned in several countries like South America in order to save birds.

All these reasons are true, we work for our comfortable and forgot to take care our nation’s birds.

It’s already too late. At least by now, we have to save our house sparrows. Not a difficult work or hours of time are needed to safeguard our nation’s little creature.

You will have to cultivate the habit of loving birds and animals, give them little food, and keep some water on the terrace or outside your house for them to drink. That is what I request people.

– Edwin Joseph, Sparrow man.

This year, the society is trying to build public participation by organizing awareness programmes in Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, and Bannerghatta Biological Park.

Also, planned to install bird feeders and nest boxes to increase the count of sparrows in Bengaluru, the city which has very active bird community. Along with that, the stable people’s involvement in conservation efforts is absolutely necessary to succeed.

It is nothing wrong with finding a better way for your comfortness, but hurting other living things is not fair.


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