In last Tripura Legislative Assembly election, BJP party got the majority of the seats and won the election. And now BJP leading the way in Tripura. After their success in the election,  the BJP supporters removed communist leader Lenin statue. This incident made much noise in the social media.
BJP national secretary Mr.H.Raja shared his view on his official Facebook handle page. That Post says “Lenin has no connectivity to India. So that his statue removed from Tripura. In Tamilnadu, Racislist E.V.Ramasamy statue also going to remove In the future”. This news spread as a viral everywhere, netizens started to share their thoughts about the status and the statue.

Everyone share their opinion about Periyar E.V.Ramasamy. Here the battle started between BJP & Periyar supporters. As a solution to this problem, H.Raja updated a post regarding apology for the last post. He also mentioned that the former post was posted by his admin and not by him. He said that once he saw the post at Delhi airport he immediately deletes the post.

National secretary  H.Raja Facebook post getting worse the situation in Tamilnadu right now. All the BJP supporters trying to damage Periyar statue. police are alerted to protect the statue and take charge of the situation under control. In Vellore, Thirupathur district one of the BJP supporter Muthuraman damaged the Periyar statue, but he was immediately removed from the party by the order of Tamilnadu BJP Leader.

All other party leaders are raising their voice against this issue. Here are some of the leaders and actors tweets about their view about this issue.



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