Earlier people used to walk down the streets to purchase something but, nowadays people are more likely to go online. They have started to surf for everything from accessories outlets to high statistical queries. People used to search by posting their queries in the search bar. Why is search engine so special? Since Google is one of the largest organization today and knowingly it is being the best and most using search engine, so we would like to discuss that in detail. Even common people who don’t depend on search engines answer have great trust for Google’s results. The queries range from very simple to complex, but it gives us immense result upon our queries in a fraction of a second. It is being beneficial for all kinds of professionals and high business delicates, also useful for common man. In a business perspective, we use Google resources in different ways. Google Maps is one-of-its-kind legendary navigation tool which is been the most useful tool to date. One among the parent tool is Google Business listing, which is one unique concept which lists our business/product/service/professional which is also known as Google Map listing which stands as a helping hand for your business.

Why is google maps so important?

Google Map listing is definitely an important thing, which helps your business to reach its cliff once you have accomplished all the checkpoints marked by the master “Google”. It helps in bringing more traffic to your website or visibility to your product or service. Google My business account estimates your ranking based on your online presence, ratings, and review. Even a small scale business also would be highly benefited from Google listing. Google Map listing allows business/product/service to advertise to their potential customers in a given locality and it is cost-effective marketing platform than other traditional advertising alternatives.

How to increase my exposure?

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Once you register with the Google my business it obtains typical information like outlet address with direction, website, email, location, internal and external images. Along with this, Google my business also collects about the working hours and Ratings and reviews of your business as a complete information.  Is it necessary to give these details? Yes, because these details not only gain traffic also improve your quality score. Why is quality score important? Quality Score is a Google’s rating about the business/ product/service ‘s quality and it is also primarily used as a measure of relevance. So using of relevance content with more information is very important.  Only after submitting all your details, the google my business registration gets successfully completed. Optimization of these listing helps your business ranking in google index.

I have good ratings and reviews but I am not on the top of the list:

Yes, this was the recent query got from one of our valuable customers. If you are wealthier in ratings and reviews but your competitor ranks high means then your business/product/service lack in online presence. “The more your content is familiar, the more important will be given by Google. The fact is ‘Once you are discussed by most of them then you are a Google celebrity’. Increase your Business profit by increasing your website’s traffic.

Today you can see most of the ice-cream shops have a poster stating “Review us in Google”, Yes people have understood the importance of Google listing and the feedback they receive. They are also a lot of listing products available in the market like Just-Dial, Bing, yellow pages etc. But among all Google listing is important because it is a place where all the people are engaged.

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