Indian Agriculture is demolishing day-by-day by enormous problems. Where each problem arises due to various reasons some of them are natural and some are man-made.

Farmers are facing issues in all basic needs like land issues, the rise in the cost of seeds, fertilizers, manures, and biocides, due to Irrigation,  soil erosion, and especially due to agricultural marketing.

As this is the condition of Farmers all over India. Now, the bustling state Maharashtra’s Farmers are demanding for the waiver of Loan and their electricity bills. The Farmers hasn’t found a solution to these problems since 2014, so they started to protest. They also demanded the implementation of Swaminathan Commision.

The Farmers Long March:

The farmers commenced their 180-km-long march from Nashik to Mumbai on 6th March 2018.

At present, there are about 30,000 farmers in and around an area of Maharashtra are participating in the protest. The protest is held by All Indian Kisan Sabha (AIKS). They are singing songs and playing pieces of music for keeping themselves Energized.

As the march moves along, more farmers from across Maharashtra are expected to join. Also, the counts are likely to multiply by the time they reach Mumbai.

The Farmers march towards the Legislative Assembly building. As of now, they planned to reach Mumbai on 12th March 2018.

One of the members of AIKS report to the press is:

“We want the state government to refrain from forceful acquisition of farm lands in the name of development projects like the super highway and tracks for bullet trains.”



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