Facebook collects data even yo're not logged in
In the current, the CEO of Facebook faces some of the issues revealed by their millions of users about the data insecurity. Mark Zuckerberg stands in the position to answer the users about their data security.

The users raise because of the fact that Facebook fetches the data even when the user is not logged in. This type of fetching really messes the users and restrict them from using Facebook. As an answer to the user’s query, the CEO explained the Congress. Users are annoyed with the performance of Facebook they feels that Facebook is mishandling their data as the information are collected from the people beyond their social network use. This has been confirmed by the officials yesterday.

Mark Zuckerberg answers how Facebook collects data apart from what users share in their Facebook profiles. He said that when people visit a site or app that uses Facebook services then we automatically receive information about that particular individual. It also collects data when users adapt their Facebook account to log into on other websites.

Facebook even said that it collects those data in order to target the ads of user’s choice and for ad promotion purposes. They determine whether the person uses facebook or not by checking the cookies and device identifiers. Facebook also says that it uses the collected data to improve its own ads and to identify bots and bad actors in the facebook.

Apart from this social plugin such as like and Share buttons and Facebook analytics allows Facebook to track data of users. Also, officials added that all social logins are following this strategy for fetching data. Now, it has been confirmed that Facebook fetches our in-depth data apart from what we are adding to the profiles.


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