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Facebook is the most popular social networking sites. Apart from networking, it is the most widely used marketing tools in Businesses.

Facebook is also known as the King of all Social media. There is a separate page for Business users known as the Facebook Business page, which helps Business to reach their audience very easily. It creates Brand awareness among Facebook users.

Now Facebook allows you to set up a store on your Fb page. After creating, you can actually set up your Facebook store as one of the tabs on your Facebook Page.

How to set up a Facebook store?

Facebook allows you to create a store on your own page, where you can give all information about the product. Facebook, then somehow connecting all that to some sort of shopping cart to process your payments.

Step-by-Step to create your Facebook store:

  1. You must be logged on your Business page and must have admin privileges. Now, on your Timeline page, you can view a button named ‘Add shop section’.
  2. Once after clicking a pop-up box reveals, once again press ‘Add shop section’ button. Continue by agreeing to the merchant terms and policies.
  3. By continuing, fill some Business details. After filling the complete details, click submit button.
  4. After submitting, now you can compose your payments, there are 2 options. One is you can accept your payment through your Facebook store and the other is you can redirect the customer to your online store.
  5. Now, configure your account by checking out the payment through the Facebook store and proceed by filling your Business information.
  6. Click on the link that says to connect to an existing Stripe account. If you don’t have an existing account, then Stripe will send you an email to set one up. After you configure your entire store.
  7. Once you have created your stripe account, link it to your Facebook Business page. Now, you are ready to sell a product.
  8. Click on the ‘shop tab’ on your Facebook Business page, now select the ‘add product tab’ on the popup and add the photos of your product with necessary description.
  9. Now select the ‘use photos buttons‘ to make them live. After adding products, from the list view, you can see an image of the product, pricing and whether or not the product is visible to the public.

Yes!! now successfully your Facebook store has been created.

No need lot of technical knowledge to create your own Facebook store. By doing the above steps you can sell products to your potential customers who are hanging out on Facebook.

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