DRS…! The first picture that comes to our mind when we hear this word is “Dhoni”.

 Why is Dhoni so much related to the DRS (Decision Review System)?

                     Decision Review System (DRS) was actually introduced to review the decisions of the umpires. Whenever a team thinks that the decision of an umpire is wrong, they may go for the DRS. This system has an option of changing the actual decision of the umpires through a 3rd Umpire review. Only because of Dhoni’s (Former Indian Cricket Team Captain) success ratio towards the DRS, it is known as “Dhoni Review System” by his fans and most of the cricket legends had also accepted the statement on various international matches. Even now, many cricket spectators say “If Dhoni goes for a review, there will be no second option”.

On a tweet, Sir Ravindra Jadeja(Indian Spin Bowler), said “ICC should rest Umpires when MS Dhoni is playing. They can save millions as a part of this cost-cutting” after dhoni’s review from his 300th ODI match against Srilanka.

Virat’s Belief towards Dhoni…!

The present  Captain of Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli always believes in MSD’s decisions on DRS. Many recent matches proved their co-operative decision-making strategies in the ground. The former Captain has always been praised for his Coolness and Decisions.

As a fact, during last IPL Dhoni gone for a review, even though he knows that there was no DRS in IPL. People connect this incident with the BCCI’s green signal for DRS. However, cricket fans are eager to watch this year’s IPL with the return of two great teams CSK and RR. Will DRS an additional advantage to MSD? Let’s wait and watch the 11th IPL season with the debutant DRS.


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