Yes, right now we can see lot of raised eyebrows by asking you not to read this since this is about Syria. Being a common citizen of a developing country we are unable to help those women’s and kid’s who are dying over there. Atleast let us spend some time in knowing about why?, where?, when? These massive destruction originated.

When was this issue originated ?

Syria has been engaged in civil war for the last six years, which was started between the military led by Bashar al-Assad(Syrian President) and opposition parties of Sunni faction(a Religious denomination).


The army started the civil war not by guns, but with a cyber attack ” Syrian electronic army” by the former President against the above mentioned religious subgroup.Apart from the civil war issue there were other issues like repeated pounding by  ISIS terrorists and war invasion of different countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are behind the eradication of Syrians.Anti-government demonstrations began in March of 2011, as part of the Arab Spring. Beginning of the government’s violent crackdown, paved way for the armed opposition groups to fight back.

Why millions of people are forced to move out of their homes ?

According to the U.N., more than 11 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes. Due to the situation in Syria has changed  from bad to worse when outside parties took a major part in the conflict at the fall of 2015. As conflict intensifies and the number of civilian casualties increases, the Syrian families were forced to leave their homes in search of shelter and safety, now about millions and thousands of refugees of Syria scattered in different countries.

The current crisis ?

The worst violence over the course of the crisis is taking place right now in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta region(northeast of the capital of Damascus).

In past few days, more than 400 people have died and about 1400 people are injured in Eastern Ghouta. This ongoing crisis, leads to suffer Syrian from starvation, children’s malnutrition and sanitary supplies. Hence the need for the ceasefire is urgent.

Ceasefire in Syria:

To contemporary stop, the UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire on sunday after 3 to 4 days of discussion in Syria to supply aid deliveries and medical evacuations. Also the leaders of Germany and France have urged Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to put “maximum” pressure on the Syrian government to stop fighting in Eastern Ghouta.

Stephan Diemstura(the syriaSpecial envoy of UN) stated that, the next phase of peace negotiations will take place on March 7, the UN for Syria and suggested that the normal life in Syria may take days when the war breaks out.

Now what? Anyhow people who have read this would carry-on their regular work and who is bothered about innocent people dying over there.

If you are really interested in raising your voice against the destruction taking place in Syria, let us all join hands in saving the bloodshed by one of our family members in other part of this house.

  Your small support could accomplish a big dream.

Making up hashtags or posting status like save Syria were not going bring any changes. Let us come-up with evolutionary ideas to end the war and make peaceful world for our younger generations. DO GOOD, DO SUPPORT

Post your ideas in the below comment section.


3 thoughts on “Don’t read this – This is about Syria

  1. All arab nations as to be taken part to come forward to stop the war..only if and if arab nations support syria ,unknown terrorist will stop the war..its not that if we share in fb or hashtags to stop this..either saudi and gulf countries can mAke a strong counter part against the demand to end the war


  2. Everything was happened ( is happening ) is very worst in Syria … We need to bring the people to our country because they don’t have enough stuff to be there …. They experienced alot hereafter they need not to struggle anymore … they need a peace life not a fucking life like this … I pray to God to be with them and protect them …. Definitely karma ll come at a right time to Russian govn …



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