Content is the real king, there is nothing without content in today’s world. The main goal for everybody is to gain the search engine traffic, one such thing which helps in attaining traffic is SEO content.

Content has the ability to attract and convert the strangers to visitors and later convert the visitors into loyal customers.

Why is content a king in SEO?

Yes!! content is a king because it helps to expose your knowledge or services in wordings, which is easy to understand by all, Which builds up a trust. As marketing strategies increases, content became one of the most important strategy named as content marketing. There are lots of benefits for using content in Businesses, some of them are

  • It brings goodwill among customers.
  • Each quality content, apart from just knowing helps your customer to get educated.
  • Valuable content helps in building credibility and authority for your Business.
  • Always the right content will generate the word of mouth.
  • A good content lasts forever.
  • Helps in bringing the more qualified leads.
  • Drags traffic to your landing page.

Is content length matters?

Usually our legendary search engine, Google loves content-rich sites. The content which is high in length tends to provide more information to the users so that users can get answers to all the queries they searching for in a single place. Your content allows you to make a more personal connection with your leads and customers while showcasing your brand voice and character. According to stats, the top sites of Google are the websites which have a content-length more than 2000 words. So, it is highly recommended to keep your content length always above 2000 words.

Links are another important factor that improves your site’s ranking. Yes!! the content-rich sites have increased backlinks. We all know that social shares play a vital role in Ranking factors, but according to research, only long contents are shared more so create content-rich sites, and get a good ranking position. This leads to getting both high page rankings and conversion rates.

Writing content-rich sites will increase the search visibility, which highly helps in SEO improvement that is getting high search engine traffic.

As content-rich sites have lots of benefits than content-less sites, we have to focus on content length. But for boosting your Page’s ranking and conversions, content length is alone not enough. It is one among the other important factors.

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