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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that companies use to interact with their customers. The aim of this tool is to improve the Business relationships with customers.CRM also analyze the customer data throughout the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving the customer service relationship.The other important aspect of the CRM approach is the systems of CRM compile data that indicates a range of different communication channels. That includes a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and social media. Also, the primary goal of customer relationship management systems is to combine and automate sales, marketing, and customer support. The modern components that are now dealt with CRM are Marketing AutomationSalesforce Automation, Contact center automation, Workflow Automation, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

CRM is used for?

CRM has the number of uses with it. Some of the major uses of CRM are

  • It supports staff with daily structured activities.
  • Provides marketing support for campaigns.
  • Provide sales and services with a consolidated view of the customers.
  • It discovers insights from Business data
  • Keeps your Business organized.
  • Helps in implementing Targeted marketing.
  • Builds Social media integrations.

Apart from the above benefits, CRM also widely helps in Task management and Document management. It tracks your sale pipeline and also gives the up-to-date information regarding your Business sale.

Top 10 CRM software:

To perform the customer relationship management approach we need CRM systems known as CRM software. There are many CRM software tools that allow Businesses to build the long-term relationship with their customers.

Some of the top CRM software tools are given below:

1. Hubspot CRM:

Hubspot CRM is the free software that currently available on the market. It is the smart and easy option that has all necessary features than other CRM software. HubSpot will help you to easily create beautiful contact and company profiles.

It can also neatly organize every single detail from your customers’ interactions. This system also helps to develop successful lead generation strategy, primarily by enabling users to optimize their website content and distribute it to the right influencers and audiences.

2. Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce CRM is a product which is composed of Sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, Commerce cloud, Analytics cloud, IoT cloud, and Financial services cloud. It also includes chatter.

Its sales cloud helps in managing contact information and also integrates social media and real-time customer collaboration through Chatter. This is the one platform which quickly converts your leads into customers more often.


Pipedrive is the excellent software tool to deal with customer relationship management. This CRM tool is suitable for all ranges of brands (i.e) from small startup brands to big enterprise brands.

The basic key features include sales reporting, email integration, simple data import and export, contact history. It also gives Timeline view. It gives the clear overview of your sales process and enables you to focus on great deals.

4. Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is a software tool which gives you a 360-degree view of your sales cycle and pipeline. It is also well known for its sales and financial solution.

Zoho is the best analytics software tool which helps to manage your marketing, sales, and support in a single system. Also, it is one of the top product of Zoho among others.

5. is the single contact management system that you can utilize to control thousands of leads. Unlike other platforms, Freshsales not only captures leads but also helps you to verify, distribute, and nurture them using multiple communication channels.

Some of the advanced features of also includes affiliate management, call routing, call recording and also includes auto-dialers.

6. Sugar CRM:

Sugar CRM is the best sales based management approach which creates multiple personalized dashboards depending upon the goals.

Also, it gives you an overview the entire customer journey and the contextual intelligence needed for a complete customer view and opportunity anticipation.

7. Kreato:

Kreato is a cloud-based automation & artificial intelligence powered Customer Relationship Management for lead and sales management. It built exclusively for small & medium businesses.

The key features include sales automation, process roadmaps, AI for sales and also manage the team performance.

8. Insightly:

Insightly is a powerful CRM tool with a project and business management feature set. The best part is the tool is intuitive and user-friendly so even lay users will have no problem in managing it.

The main features include pipeline management, task management, contact management, custom fields, and filters. Along with these, it also provides unlimited customer support.


Freshdesk combines customer relationship management with the automated helpdesk. So it enhances the interaction between the customer and the company.

Its goal is to streamline customer conversations in a single place and automate repetitive tasks in order to save time.

10. Nimble:

Nimble provides relevant context to your business conversations so that you can engage and nurture your contacts and prospects.

It automatically creates and update contact details to save time and has more accurate CRM data when compared with other tools.

The above CRM tools are the top 10 CRM software which highly benefits your business, you can you the best one among those which fits your type of business.

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