Cricketing Legend Playing cricket on the streets!!
The cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar after his retirement, living in a city called Bandra, in Mumbai. Without forgetting his cool olden habits, he goes back to roots and started playing Cricket on streets. is it true? yes!! As he passes through the way, find some boys were playing cricket in the street. He very genuinely showed his wish upon playing cricket in streets and played for few minutes with them.

This was shot as video and then the video went viral last night!! Yes!! the cricket legend is playing cricket in street with some of the employees who played cricket from a nearby hotel. He never forgets his cricket, more than a profession, it is his whole life’s passion.

The video was first released by the Former cricketer and Teammate of master blaster, Vinod Kambli in his official Twitter handling.

Here’s the  viral video:



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