KamalHaasan and rajini
The actor turned politician and Makkal Neethi Maiam (MNM) founder, in a press meet on Monday has defended his co-actor, Rajinikanth who is also a recent politician. And yet to launch his political party. The MNM founder safeguards his longtime friend, while the reporters raised a question about Rajinikanth’s silence over Cauvery issue.

The MNM leader also added that ” Not only Cauvery issue, but for many issues, Rajinikanth hasn’t expressed his opinion. So don’t point out him in this way.”

Reply of Kamalhassan regarding Rajnikanth’s silence:

He replied to the reporters’ question about his contemporary actor Rajinikanth’s silence, that Rajinikanth, who has earlier come under criticism from various quarters for not actively taking part in protests organised by the film industry in the past, but he has recently expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court verdict to reduce the quantum of water to Tamil Nadu from Cauvery river.

He also suggested to set up center for Cauvery Management Board immediately. So the could sort out those problems quickly.

The MNM founder replied in the negative aspect when the reporters asked whether he had discussed Bhavani river and dam issue with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan during their meet.

The actor-turned-politician alleged that the law and order situation in Tamil Nadu was declining.



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