Day by day Twitter slowly turns into the war zone. People have now started to post their view or thought on twitter it may true or sarcastic. Now its may fires-up into a viral post but ends with their carriers, in this case, The famous cricketer Hardik Pandya posted a comment on December 26, 2017, which insults Ambedkar.

On Wednesday a special SC/ST court directed the police to register an FIR against Pandya for his twitter comment on Ambedkar. The tweet was like  “Which Ambedkar???” “one who drafted a law and constitution or who spread the disease called reservation in the country,” which posted in Pandya twitter.

This Offended by Meghwal, who claims to be a member of Bhim Sena in Jalore district, Rajasthan. On Tuesday he filed an application against Pandya. Megwal complaint stated, ” The popular Indian cricketer Pandya has not the only insulted the great men but it also hurts the sentiments of the community he belongs to “.

And Meghwal says “I learned about Pandya’s comment through social media in January. It appeared quite derogatory for a figure like Ambedkar and was an attempt to spread hatred and create division in the society”. and he added that “ Mr.Pandya hurt the sentiment of the entire community he belongs,” So Pandya should punish suitably for his “ Crass act”.



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