buried women
In the Thirubhuvanam, a panchayat town in Thanjavur district a thunderbolt news have happened on Monday. Before 25 years, the electrician Ramachandran of Thoppu Street, Tirubhuvanam had married a girl Asha. But they got legally divorced after 2 years. Because Asha was turned mentally retarded within few years. Now she simply loiters in the street side of Thirumbuvanam. On 26th February 2018, the people around Tirubhuvanam bazaar area had noticed Asha lying unconscious in the bazaar. Then they took her to the Kumbakonam Government Hospital.

But on the next day, Tirubhuvanam police had contacted Mr. Ramachandran and informed him about his wife, Asha’s dead at the Government Hospital. Also, the Tirubhuvanam police adjured him to take responsibility for her body. As Ramachandran have legally divorced Asha, he refused to accept her body. But because of the compulsion of Police, he went to the Kumbakonam Government Hospital with his relatives and got the dead body.

Ramachandran and his relatives had done the funeral and cremated the body at the Perumandi burning ghat, which is near the Thirubhuvanam.

But as a shocking surprise, people glimpsed Asha loitering in the Thirubhuvanam Bazaar area. This made people and Ramachandran to confused state. Also, the Thirubhuvanam police are clueless about the body which was incinerated by Mr.Ramachandran.

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