National Award for the prestigious deceased soul!!!

Award is not just the word, it is the recognition of all talents that are exhibited by different people in their own field. One of such great Indian award to
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Biggest Dance film of 2019

As announced earlier about the biggest dance film of Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif, has now released their first look. This India’s biggest dance film to be helmed by choreographer-turned-director
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Movies | kollywood this week

The best entertainment of all individuals is Kollywood movies. Let’s see what’s new in Kollywood movies this week. “Vikram-Vedha” remake: We all know that “Vikram-Vedha” has been the grand movie
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Bollywood actor suffering from Rare disease

The 51-year old Bollywood actor, Irrfan Khan in his recent tweet said that he is leading a mysterious life for past 15 days. He mentioned that he is suffering from a
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The Oscar Awards- 2018

As we stepped on to the New Year 2018, its time to celebrate the winners of 2017. What will be the best way to honor them?  One of the ideal
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Much awaited Kaala teaser is here !!!

It was first stated that the teaser of much-awaited “kaala” ( Super star Rajini Kanth’s movie) will be postponed due to death of the great Jadaguru Sankaracharya as the producer
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Great Indian Actress Died of Cardiac Arrest

We all know that the Social media is flooded with the death of the great Indian actress Sridevi, at just 55 in Dubai. Sridevi, who made her acting debut at
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Rajinikanth next flick with this young auteur?

The legendary South Indian actor Rajinikanth selected the famous experimental director for his next movie. Karthik subbaraj is a young developing auteur, whose first film itself has a great response
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Big Screen this week

Cinema has been a premier means of mass communication. Cinema helps society in general awareness and also helps an individual in particular things like in bringing happiness, peace, and calmness,
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Cinema is a unlimited space for your entertainment factor, it plays a role in grooming the society in real time also. Cinema news are more than the entertainment,it acts as an psychological tool. By knowing its benefits our Social story’s Big Screen stories zone plays a vital role in conveying movie news like latest movie release, gossips, movie release date, trailer release, trending scenes, snippets, dialogues, production,etc.,Confused in choosing the best among the new releases? Throw away your confusions with social story’s big-screen stories. Always, the review and ratings of the film shows the quality of a good movie. On a weekly basis, Big screen stories new movie reviews reach you at the right time, our genuine movie reviewers would give you a clear crisp about the movie. Not only the movie reviews, we provide you the correct ratings, which is based on the analytics of how it entertains general audiences.

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