For many years, we are hearing the news about the deaths of several people who clean manholes. This is not just a headline news but behind that, they are a number of people lost their lives. Day-by-day only the deaths are increasing and no solution has been found. Why are manhole cleaners dying? while the manhole cleaners enter the pit, the poisonous gas remains concentrated in the manhole, which leads to immediate death.
According to Safai Karmachari Andolan, 1,670 people have died in India since 2014 due to hazardous conditions while cleaning sewage and septic tanks. As a solution to this problem ‘Bandicoot,’ a robot which is developed by Kerala startup Genrobotics, has been launched by Kerala chief minister Mr. Pinrayi Vijayan on Monday in Thiruvananthapuram. He also announced that this technology is going to be implemented in Kerala very soon. It is hoped that this technology would bring an end to the dangerous practice of manual cleaning.

What is bandicoot actually?

The ‘Bandicoot’ is a four-legged spider-shaped device that removes garbage from clogged manholes with the help of an attached camera and other equipment in it. As using heavy electronic equipment inside manhole is risky, the bandicoot robot is powered by Pneumatics.  This robot is enabled with WiFi and Bluetooth.

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