Adwords is the legendary online advertising service tool. It is also the giant tool in usage by all marketers. Adwords are completely based on the keyword which is partly called as Adwords extensions.

How important Adwords is?

Yes!! it is a tool which offers users to gain traffic through clicks against payment per click. As the Google AdWords Campaign comes with assured business and traffic, so with the effective use of this, the business can be driven by early profit-earning revenue.

The main important thing as it is the product of the Google, which is the most trusted and used search engine. Google AdWords’ location targeting enhances the importance of the campaign lot more. It suggests the high volume of keywords and improves the hands-on experience.

Always it is important to find the substantial keyword that fits your Business. As this is a competitive world, it is always important to make your product or service to stand apart. How can you do this? there is a concept in Adwords known as Adword extensions. We must employ it in our Ads to make our product stand unique among all.

5 best Google Adwords extensions:

There are several ways to give Ads extensions for our Google Ads. But it is better to find the best ways instead of using all possible ways of adding extensions. This extra information helps your ad to stand out and get clicked, which in turn will lower your cost per click and in many cases improve conversion rates. The top 5 ways that make your Ads to stand apart are:

1. Sitelink extensions:

Sitelinks extensions allow you to show additional links to your site below the regular ad copy. This helps to your customers to reach your site easily.

Site-link extensions allow you to:

  • Run particular short-term campaigns to pages on your site to make it easier to run seasonal campaigns
  • create sitelinks specifically for mobile users, who use more keywords for search.
  • The sitelinks extensions feature also includes detailed reporting that shows you how many clicks any part of your ad received each time when an individual sitelink appeared.

2. Offer extensions:

offer extension

Always people are excited about getting offers and cashback deals. So using offer extensions will definitely increase your customers.

Offer extensions allow you to display in-store offers with your AdWords ads. This widely increases the clicks.

3. Review extensions:

review extension

Nowadays, all the consumers are laid upon review before they buy a product. So using review extensions will increase your successful campaigns.

Review extensions also allow you to use third-party reviews in your ads. According to Goole reports, clients experiencing a 19% increase in click-through rate by including review extensions.

4. Location extensions:

location callout

You can enhance your Google AdWords ads by dynamically including your business address, which makes your Business more visible to the audience.

Location extensions improve your ads by showing potential customers a map of your location. It improves your ads by showing potential customers a map of your location.

It may also include a phone number or call button so that users can easily track your business.

5. Callout extensions:

Callout extensions allow you to include additional descriptive text in your standard text ads. With callout extensions, you can add short creative works of text that help your ad to stand out.

Callout extension need not be a big paragraph, a short phrase special about your service is more than enough, which helps your Ad to stand out.

These extensions not only peculiar also gain you more traffic and consumers. also has the potential to convert normal customers into loyal customers.





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