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Graphic design is the method of projecting one’s ideas or messages in a visual manner, which is done by a graphic designer. It is the subset of visual communication and communication design.

It is the skill of combining text, images, and symbols in Advertisements, Magazines etc..A graphic designer may use a combination of typographyvisual arts, and page layout techniques to produce the finest design.

Do you Know? The term graphic design was coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922.


Nowadays, the Graphic designs are everywhere from chocolate covers to office manuals. In a day, we see hundreds of instances of Graphic design, but we won’t realize it. Some of the  common uses of Graphic designs include

  • Identity – used in Logos and Company Branding.
  • Publications – Newspapers, magazines, and Books.
  • Print advertisements
  • Album covers
  • Online- Website, posters, and banners.
  • Greeting cards.
  • Clothing designs.

Not only for the usage of above-mentioned purposes, also Graphic designs play a vital role in Industry aspects.

Why are Graphic designs important?

Graphic designs are the one which makes your idea representation more effective and beautiful. It makes your design to look good, helps you to stand apart in competition, and also conveys your message in a more realistic way. Apart from these, it also helps you to convey your message with credibility and more professionalism.

7 Skills required to become a Graphic Designer:


The first and foremost skill of a Graphic designer is Creative thinking. Yes!! a best creative thinker can be a best graphic designer. The designer should creatively convey their ideas through text and image. To be the best designer, they have to generate solutions for their clients through creative means.


As our paper-pen culture changed into the computer screen, the designers must able to express their visual contents in Computer’s screens. So they should have handset practice with various designer software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.



To be a good Graphic designer, he/she must be aware of the technologies that are a trend in today’s world. The Graphic designers must have knowledge of web designs like UI/UX designs.Because in this digital world the UX designs are becoming more important. They should also hold enough knowledge to work with HTML and CSS.

Problem-solving ability:

Problem-solving is the one of the must skill that all graphic designer should possess. As a Designer, it is important to think logistically and critically to solve problems and to make things work.


In Business perspective, the graphic designers must articulate their ideas to the clients via communicating it. So if designers want their designs to come into the light, then definitely communication plays a vital role. Hence Communication is the basic skill for a Graphic designer, who is going to land a project.

Time management:

More than your graphical design, the timely delivery of your product is important. So a Graphic designer must stick on to the time, and complete it. Graphic designers must be a multi-task person, so he could earn more.



Though Typography is one of the traditional skill of Graphic designer, still knowing the readable and legible fonts of the printed matter is necessary. Along with them, it is important to know more about the colors that suit well for texts.

Yes!!! the above skill sets are contained with both basic and advanced skills for a Graphic designer. If you want to become a good Graphic designer, develop the above-mentioned skills and Rock in your field. All the best!!!



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