7 problems of glass wearing
Glasses, eyeglasses or spectacles(specs) are a helping hand for clear vision. Years before people who used to wear round and big spectacles were very few but nowadays it’s common. Today’s world, the spectacle manufactures have come up with various stylish and comfortable types of specs that would enhance your face aesthetic quality.

Many people require glasses for the various reasons. These glasses differ in size, shape, color, and materials that can be used when designing frames and lenses that can be utilized in various combinations.

Oftentimes, the selection of a frame is made based on how it will affect the appearance of the wearer. Some people with good natural eyesight like to wear eyeglasses as a style factor also.

Day by day the population of glass wearers increases, thus we came up with some common problems faced by glass wearers

7 problems faced by glass wearers:

 1.When I drink some think hot

Some people love to face the steam in their early morning

7 problems faced by specs wearerscoffee, they think it gives them a refreshment but wait, people who wear glasses do feel the same !?


2.At the Hair Saloon:

Usually, the barber in the saloon feels very uncomfortable to work with glasses wearers so they request to remove your glasses in advance, there is where the problem begins. At the saloon, you would have requested for particular look and style7 problems faced by glass wearers, once your vision is blurred you are unable to accurately track the work progress. At the final stage when they show us the output, a specs wearer first looks for his glasses.





7 problems faced by glass wearers

3.When I go swimming:

It’s a very common thing that everyone know is people won’t swim wearing glasses because there are high chances of missing or misplacing them. Since it’s a big disadvantage for people like us particularly youngsters.

 4.When I Lying down:

Usually, people like7 problems faced by glass wearers to lie down and watch TV or

reading book. But, this is what happens when I lie down to read a

book or watch a TV.


5.After Sweat:

Nowadays most of the glasses are made of the plastic material, so people face difficulties while working out or playing sport cause once you are sweat, glasses easily slides down through your nose. Have you

seen glasses wearers in street cricket? More difficulties are when you play a bowler role cause a bowler should have a clear vision to hit the target. At this point, you can’t play with specs since it slides neither you can’t play without your glasses.

7 problems faced by glass wearers

6.How will I kiss?

This is one most confusing query raised by specs wearers yeah there is a lot of possibilities to poke other person’s eyes when you kiss all of sudden, especially people who wear frameless glasses the edge will be more sharper that could result in serious damages to our loved ones.

7.A day without Glasses:

90% of the glass wearer’s worst day in their lifetime will be the day without glasses. Their day will be filled with blurred vision, headache, and watery eyes. The worst part is answering someone without recognizing to whom we talking to.More than a clear vision for a person, some of the above things are also a disturbing factor in our day-to-day life.7 problems faced by glass wearers

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