rajinikanth in MGR university
The veteran actor-turned-politician, Rajinikanth is invited for the 30th anniversary of Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute in Chennai. In this fine occasion, the delicates of the Institution has planned to unveil the statue of Dr.MGR, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. They also decided that the new politician Rajnikanth could inaugurate the statue. After unveiling the statue, Rajinikanth met the public at DR MGR Educational and Research Institute and delivers his valuable speech.

The veteran actor’s Public speech:

He started his oration with his strong voice, by mentioning that the ultimate reason for his entry into politics is to fill the vacuum which is created by great leaders like J Jayalalithaa and M Karunanidhi. Also equally portrayed both leaders by saying that Jayalalitha was a great leader and he learned a lot from Karunanidhi. Rajinikanth said that no one could be as ‘MGR’ but he assured that he would provide MGR’s good governance.  Also added, that he could recreate the MGR era. He also stated that not only Tamil language improves us, for our betterment we need to learn English, a communication language.

As he gives a speech in the student gathering, he advised students to know about what’s happening in politics. But not to engage in politics as of now until they complete their studies. Because college is one of the important phases of one’s life. He replied to one of the questions raised by the public about Anmeega Arasiyal, which is nothing but the political party which does not look at color, religion and show no caste discrimination. He also gives answers to all the comments and trolls that thrown upon him after his entry into politics.





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