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At earlier days we were in the media world, now as an advancement of it, we are living in the Social media world. As our online presence increases, the social media application also increased. One of the most widely used social media application is Instagram. Instagram is a free mobile application for both Android and iOS.

We know that at present 2018 is known as the year of Instagram because Instagram is the only place where a single wink of the Kerala girl Priya varrier has raised the followers of about 2 million overnight, which won’t be possible by any other social media. More than a fun app, Instagram has a serious role in content marketing, networking and audience-building tool for individuals and brands.

When we say Instagram, the only thing coming to mind is followers, which plays a vital role in marketing your brand. Everyone who has an Instagram account, wish to increase their followers count. But they won’t have an idea to increase the Instagram followers. There are some tips and strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

Here the 6 most important tips to increase your Instagram followers:

6 Tips to increase your Instagram followers

  1. Build your Bio:

Before people start to follow someone on Instagram, the common thing every user will do is, reading your profile. The trust you give them is by mentioning the clear details about you and your purpose so that people with similar interests can easily turn into your loyal followers.


  1. Promote dedicated hashtags:

As you all know, hashtags are the best keyword in Instagram to which people get easily attracted. Don’t depend on the old method of posting, follow the most dedicated hashtags that are relevant to your brand and also create your own hashtags to represent your brand in your posts, so that you can increase your Instagram followers. Your hashtags should be funny and should not be boring.

  1. Instagram Stories Highlights:

More than a post, people like the story feature in Instagram, in which we can upload any type of photos, videos etc. Unlike normal stories on Instagram, a new feature introduced, known as Instagram stories highlights. This would appear directly under your profile and above your Instagram feed and also this will play as a stand-alone story when someone taps on it and would increase your Instagram followers. These stories highlights won’t vanish after 24 hours.

  1. Upload best photographs:

The photos that you upload speaks more than your content, the quality of your photo matters a lot in Instagram, which would help in increasing your Instagram followers. So start following a unique style of you and post the most classic clear image, which will impress your followers. Along with image quality, editing skills are more important to increase your Instagram followers.

  1. Write a worthy caption:

When we post an image or video without captions, it seems like a man without a name. So write a most worthy and delightful caption that would increase your Instagram followers. Once reading the caption, it must visualize your post so copying captions from other post are an utter waste.

  1. Interact with your followers:

Interacting with other users and followers will also increase your Instagram followers. Make sure, you are replying to all the comment that is given in your uploaded post. Use the facility of Insta Live feature, in which you can share your views and ideas directly by interacting.

Start following the above tips, and get huge Instagram followers.

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