Colors are the one which plays a vital role in product or service branding selecting a color for your business is one of the most difficult tasks. The color is meant to attract consumers than anything. Is it? Yes!! because human’s visual perception works before all other senses.

Each color symbolizes a significant thing in the marketing perspective. People associate colors with different emotions and meanings.

How important are the colors of your Branding?

The color of your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story. Yes!! it makes your brand to stand unique in people’s mind.

It is also foundational to the visual identity of your brand in all its expressions and executions. More than all it is important to choose a color that fits your brand suitably.

Color is more than a subjective choice, it’s a strategic business imperative.

Top 5 exceptional uses of colors in their brands :


Red is the color of love, seduction, sound, passion, adventure, magic and religion. There are more brands that use red to keep their identity.

But among all brands, Vodafone is listed as the UK’s most valuable brand, worth $36 billion. Its success story mainly represents the color of its brand.

As Vodafone is the communication network, it normally spreads easier                                                                                    and the color of the brand is the added value of their identity.

 Blue:Facebook logo

Blue signifies sky, trust, authority, intelligence, and dignity. Most of the corporate logos are in blue shades because of its significance.

The legend among social media is Facebook, it marks its identity by prevailing its blue shade. Even though the logo might have changed, the color remains.

Apart from the product, it is the communication medium which is used by all common people.


starbucks Logo


It signifies growth, nature, rebirth, environment, fertility and wealth.

We all know coffee is the universal mood uplifter. The brand Starbucks is the global coffee giant. It makes its identity with its perfect logo and its color.

The green color palate was introduced so as to represent growth, freshness, uniqueness, and prosperity of Starbucks, which was acquired by Howard Schultz.




Jcb Logo

Yellow signifies happiness, optimism, youth, enlightenment, sunshine, and spring.

Branding is not only needed for high tech products, it is also important for

each and every product. There comes JCB, the machine’s dawn.

It includes more than 300 types of machine-like tractors, excavators, and diesel engines. The enlightenment yellow prevails its branding and service.



Dairy Milk logo

It symbolizes mystery, spirituality, creativity, and royalty.

All children and teens, even adults were fond of one particular brand of chocolate. Yes!! it is Cadbury’s Dairy milk. Like their quality and taste, they withstand their brand’s color.

Cadbury’s won the right to the exclusive purpose for chocolate bars, which had overtaken other leading brands since 1914.


It signifies Bright, fun and friendly, usually orange is a playful, and childlike appeal color.

An ultimate consumable drink product is Fanta, it empowers its flavor by using the same orange as their logo color.

A brand’s logo and color have the ability to drive purchasing decisions and increase its recognition. Choose a good color and makes your brand stand apart.



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