6 annoying habits
We have a lot of habits, some are Good and some are bad. But do you know, apart from these good and bad habits, there are some personal habits for each individual which are really annoying ones!  What are these annoying habits? A habit which totally irritates others and makes others think discomfort is known as an Annoying habit. These annoying habits make others angry and impatient. It spoils the peace of others who are surrounding us.

Also, these habits keep away someone from their best things. Mannerism speaks a lot in public, more than your knowledge that you exhibit. Now, I think you would understand what is annoying habits and its consequences. There are many annoying habits, but among all, there are some common annoying habits which are evicted by most of the people in the public. They are

6 common annoying habits:

1. Biting nails:

6 annoying habits, you should stop doing in public


Usually, 1 in 10 people are nail-biters, especially teens and children are addicted to this habit. Most of the people bite their nails as a way of getting relieved from their stress, anxiety, anger etc., But when you are biting your nails, you are actually noticed by other people which bring bad impression on you. Apart from annoying habit, having a habit of biting nails results in the number of harmful ailments.


2. Combing your hair:

6 annoying habits, you should stop doing in public



Either a boy or a girl, combing your hair in public seek you a bad attention on you. Yes!! it is really impolite. Combing hair is one of your personal habit, which shouldn’t be exposed in public.


3. Sneezing without using your hands or tissues:

6 annoying habits


Sneezing is one of the health illness, it cannot be stopped. But we must do some health hygiene practices, that avoids spreading of disease. It also annoys or irritates others.  Always, use tissues or kerchief while sneezing.

4. Smoking:


As everyone aware about the harmful effects of smoking, one of the main things is it also affects others who are in and around that smoking person. It apart from irritating discovers respiratory diseases to non-smokers. The public health officials, restrict the public smoking by framing a smoking policy, in order to avoid the spread of diseases like asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory disorders to non-smokers.


5. Loud Music:

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Playing loud music in the public is intensely an irritation for other people. This leads to noise pollution in that particular area, it is also termed as an anti-social event. Mostly, elderly people are irritated with this loud music in the public, who mostly get irritated because of the current generation songs. So, it is advised not to play loud music in public, but you can use earphones in the public places if you really wanted to hear songs at that time.

 6. Picking your nose:

6 annoying habits, you should stop doing in public



Picking nose in the public is a bad habit, which gives a horrible look by others on you. Mostly, children do this, its parent’s duty to teach them the good habits. It also causes infectious diseases. So avoid picking your nose, especially in the public places.




The above 6 are some of the annoying habits practiced by both children and adults. It may be very small things, but matters lot while you do these things in the public. Your habits speak more than your mouth. So try adopting good manners, and be good.



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