5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat
Currently, each and every person is suffering from hot temperature. Especially the people of Chennai is experiencing this hot temperature highly. We all know the term Global warming, which is more often related to Sunny climate. What is actually Global warming? Global warming is generally termed as the increase in the average temperature which results in sunny weather. This global warming is directly connected with the GreenHouse effect, which is the man-made destruction of our atmosphere. The primary source of global warming is due to the release of greenhouse gases. These gases are released mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, land clearing, and other human activities.

As a result of this global warming, we experiencing the most violent weather. The more difficult the climate the more difficult is the Life!!! Anyhow, we have to take preventive measures to survive in this busy city, Chennai. There are some natural and simple ways to fight with this sunny weather.

5 simple ways to battle Chennai’s heat:

1. Stay hydrated:

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat


Drinking plenty of water is the foremost thing which must be done by all individuals from children to adults, and senior citizens. Water is the most healthy and hydrating drink besides other cool and soft drinks. An individual must consume at least 7-8 glasses of water in a day during the summer season. During summer lots of water and electrolytes get depleted from our body so it is important to drink enough water. It is advised to carry a water bottle regularly when you move out during these sunny days.

2. Food and  Fluids:

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat

Keep your heavy food habit aside for some days, this avoidance helps you to beat the summer. Take light foods, but consume more quantity of fluids like fruit juices, Buttermilk, Lassi, Coconut water, Cucumber mint water, etc., Apart from this we can consume Sarbath, which is the best health companion and also an alternate drink to water. Mainly, a type of Sarbath known as Nannari Sarbath is a natural coolant which helps us to beat the hot summer.

3. Cooling spots on your body:

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat




We often used to take bath during the summer season, in order to stay cool. But there is another smarter way to get instantly cooled, that is using the cool dry cloth giving compress on places like wrist, neck, elbows, and knees of your body. When you cool these pulse points of your body, this will cool off your blood and body temperature. Instead often washing your face, try these things which definitely gives you the cool result.

4. Avoid going outdoors:

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat

To avoid the vibrant heat, avoid going outdoors mainly during 11 a.m to 3 p.m on a day.  Even an hour of time you spent outdoors in the direct sun gives you immense heat effects on your body for the whole day. It is advised to carry an umbrella while moving out, and also for your comfort, you can even travel in AC buses or Trains to bear the hot sun outside. This keeps you cool and also prevent your faces from sunburns or rashes. At worst case, if you are moving out, use some natural sunscreens like coconut oil to stay cool.

5. Outfits:

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat



Wear loose cotton clothes to survive this summer season in Chennai. The tight fits might enhance your outlook, but it makes your body heat and results in sun rashes and air suffocation. Also wearing white color dresses is advisable because it won’t absorbs energy, unlike Black color. Wear very thin layers dress and use sandals when moving out instead of High tech shoes. The benefit of wearing linen clothes is it provides you the natural cool.






The above are some of the cool natural steps to survive this Chennai summer. As it is a crowded city, the way for air to reach us is very less so its only in our hands to escape from this violent sunny climate.



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