Top 5 fitness tracker that you can buy right now
Being fit and healthy is more important than anything. To keep you and your health fit, you ought to know about fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are nothing but as it names says it tracks the fitness of your body and its health. The best part in these fitness trackers is, they are just a wearable device like watch and bracelets.

Fitness trackers can monitor person’s activities like their daily step count, heart rate, sleep and other activity levels.

Each fitness tracker is internally connected or monitored by a mobile application. In these days, as mobile applications are ruling the world so our fitness tracker also becomes the part of it.

Some trackers even analyze different types of sports activity. Apart from that they also track and monitors walking, running, cycling, weights, elliptical, boxing and swimming.

As its usage has been increased the products in the market have also been increased. Among all, we are here for letting you know about the best 5 fitness tracker.

5 best fitness trackers:


 1.Fitbit Alta HR:


Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers among all, which is more comfortable to use because of its user-friendly Fitbit app. It is known as best because of its features like easy navigation and can help monitor diet, water intake, and daily activity goals. Now, the updated Fitbit is provided with the heart rate monitor as an add-on feature. The Alta HR provides you the monitoring functions which is also being slimmer and styler on our wrist. Mainly its battery life lasts for about 7 days.

2.Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro:


Best 5 fitness tracker

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro has a fantastic design that looks majestic on your wrist. It has a beautiful AMOLED display which lets you see all your exercise activity with stats. Also, has good GPS navigation feature with Bluetooth enabled.

Gear Fit 2 Pro helps people to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals with or without their access to a smartphone.

3.Fitbit cHarge 2:

Top 5 fitness tracker that you can buy right now

Fitbit’s Charge 2 is the best company’s smarter mid-range fitness tracker, which have fulfilled a wide array of tasks and exercises.

Its app works quite friendly with the users. It has a decent battery life of about 5 days. It monitors running, cycling, a general workout, weights, and other elliptical exercises. But it lacks waterproof feature which is introduced in other fitness tracker product.

4.Moov Now:

top 5 fitness tracker that you can buy right now


This brand is known for its best device design that is it can also be wearable on ankles other than on wrist. It can monitor a wide range of motions, like running, cycling, swimming, and boxing. Along with this, its app can monitor the above movements and that will generate more accurate data than some other fitness trackers that are in the market. Moov Now is totally inexpensive so that everyone can afford it.

5.Garmin Vivosmart HR plus:

Top 5 fitnss tracker that you can buy now



It is one of the best-advanced fitness trackers for everyday wear which has a rugged waterproof design. This includes features like heart rate monitor, GPS navigation, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter. As it is not must prettiest for wearing when comparing with other fitness tracker but gives you the accurate tracking data than other products. This helps in taking your workout to the next level.






Hence the above five are best fitness trackers on the market. It is best known for its brand and quality which has many add-on features. Know the best fitness tracker and track your Health and Fitness. Stay healthy!!!!

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